International CANTUS MM Music & Culture Festival in Salzburg

Music - the most important language of the world - connects people from every continent. For four days Salzburg will be the center of music and culture. 

Orchestras, choirs and dance groups from all over the world meet in our beautiful city to sing and to make music. Particularly inspiring is the fact that culture benefit and solidarity go "hand in hand" at the CANTUS MM Music and Culture Festival.

The non-profit organisation CHORUS MM has been founded in the year 1998, with the goal to develop and encourage cultural exchange between people and nations from all over the world. In 1999 the first CANTUS MM Festival took place in Salzburg. What started with three participating groups, extended in quality and quantity throughout the years.

Please find more information on the Festival's website.

21st Cantus MM Music & Culture Festival: 4 July - 7 July 2019

22nd Cantus MM Music & Culture Festival: 2 July - 5 July 2020

23rd Cantus MM Music & Culture Festival: 1 July - 4 July 2021

CANTUS MM International Music & Culture Festival Salzburg

Montana:Musica International Festival for Music Groups and Choirs in Gastein

There is hardly another country where the sounds of music resonate with the sounds of nature as impressively and at the same time as romantically as in Austria. On the occasion of the traditional “Bauernherbst”, the period when the harvest festival is celebrated, international choirs and music groups meet with local music groups inmidst of the natural surroundings of the alpine world of Salzburg,

The festival highlights include the Gala Concert in the Kursaal Bad Hofgastein as well as the participation in a “Hoagascht”, a relaxed musical get-together.

Please find more info on the festival's website.


2nd Montana:Musica 10 - 13 October 2019

3rd Montana:Musica 8 - 11 October 2020

4th Montana:Musica 7 - 10 October 2021

CANTUS MM International Music & Culture Festival Salzburg